Alabama-bred OMB Peezy keeps things straightforward and grimy in his new video for "The Hard Way," a track that continues his penchant for hard-hitting songs drenched in authenticity.

Directed my Kwelchvisuals, "The Hard Way" video finds Peezy posted up on his stoop, counting some bills as his friends hang out nearby. From the looks of things, he and his friends are enjoying a typical day in the life, and for them, that means counting money, smoking and rocking a ski mask. Peezy also finds his way atop a roof.

Peezy, who signed to 300 Entertainment a few months back, brings his typically ruthless bars to the piano-driven track. "Stake out where the boy stay/Caught the nigga in the hallway/Put two in that boy face/Police got a hard case," he spits on the track. Sheesh.

For Peezy, this is just the latest in a steady stream of solid bangers. In July, he offered up show-stopping verses on tracks like "Try Sumthin" and Nef The Pharaoh's "Move4." It's safe to say he's got way more gems where all of that came from.

Watch Peezy's latest video, which premiered on Pigeons and Planes' YouTube channel, for yourself just below. Be on the look out for the kid that's making plenty of noise now, but will undoubtedly be making even more in the near future.

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