OMB Peezy had a breakout year in 2017, which included the release of his Humble Beginnings EP. He's keeping the pressure applied by linking with Baton Rouge rapper, Sherwood Marty on a new mixtape. The duo offer up the first single off the project, premiering the new joint, "Crash Out," featuring Sherwood Flame with XXL.

Producer Drum Dummie delivers some funky licks courtesy of a bass guitar on the single, which has a laid-back vibe. The verses are anything but chill, as the two rappers spit about being deep in the streets. "Before I go to sleep, I tell my mama pray for me/I gotta keep that heat cause I'm knee deep up in these streets," Marty rhymes on the chorus. "Can't deal with disrespect man, these niggas gotta see/We gon' ride by where they at all week on the creep/Man a nigga trying to kill something, catch a body/We gon' pull up where they at, show 'em that we violent/Kill something, catch a body/We gon' pull up with them 50s, we don't play about it."

The song is off Peezy and Marty's new joint mixtape, Young and Reckless, which drops Jan. 24, and seems to have worked out naturally. "We were all in the studio. The song basically explains the vibe of that studio session and how we were feeling," says Peezy of the record.

The tape came together through a mutual respect for the grind. "I wanted to work with Marty on a full project because we come from the same struggle even though we're both from two different places," Peezy adds.

OMB also recently dropped the video for the Humble Beginnings track, "Talk My Shit," featuring Yhung T.O., produced by Cardo. In the visual, Peezy's whole crew mobs deep in a warehouse in full-on flex mode.

Check out the Young and Reckless tracklist, listen to "Crash Out" and watch the "Talk My Shit" video below.

OMB Peezy & Sherwood Marty's Young and Reckless Tracklist

1. "Run tha Game" (prod. by Q-Red)
2. "Swerve" (prod. by Drum God)
3. "Crash Out" Feat. Sherwood Flame
4. "Right Away" (prod. by Exotic Muzik)
5. "Pressure"
6. "Every Town" Feat. Sherwood Flame)
7. "Lights Out"
8. "Wit All of That" (prod. by Shop With Ken)
9. "In This Bitch" (prod. by Q-Red)
10. "I’m the Shit" (prod. by Stroud)
11. "Ready" (prod. by Bl$$D & Kilo Keys)
12. "Thuggin’" (prod. by Q-Red)
13. "Ride Wit It" (prod. by Mitch Mula)
14. "Better Dayz" (prod. by Drum God)

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