Ever since Brooklyn rapper and 2016 XXL Freshman Desiigner dropped his viral hit "Panda," everyone has been simultaneously hopping on the banger and trying to figure out what the hell he's saying. The invigorating single has been broken down, remixed and translated into Desiigner's rising stardom. With so much hype sorrounding the track, React Channel on YouTube took matters into their own hands and rounded up some senior citizens to recite the lyrics to Desiigner's viral hit without telling them the meaning of the song or the name of the artist rapping it. Results varied and were pretty hilarious.

"Just looking at the lyrics, I'd say the song sucks," said Don.

"I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with pandas, but it something black and white," said Mary.

When it was time to break down the first verse, things got even more funny.

"Well he's a player obviously," said Robert after reading about Desiigner's broads in Atlanta. "It reminds me of Snoop's lyrics."

"Are they licking each other in the band? I don't know!" laughs Libby after reading the lyrics "Hittin' off licks in the bando."

"There was Money Montana and Hannah Montana...but I don't think they're talking about those," said Libby.

Though the song's been manipulated just about every which way possible and often draws ire from Future fans for biting the Atlanta rapper's sound, you can't deny that it's an infectious hit. The song hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in April of this year, got the Bed-Stuy native signed to G.O.O.D. Music and has arguably fueled anticipation for a debut album more than any other rapper this year.

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