OG Maco's got a message for rap fans downplaying "mumble rap," and he sends it out on his new Scott Storch-produced track, "For Logic Fans aka The Internet."

Despite the song's title, Maco never mentions Logic by name. What he does appear to do, though, is go in on fans who've got a problem with rappers who aren't exactly of the multi-syllable-rhyme-spitting, "lyrical wizard" persuasion.

"I watch the internet hype up mediocre rappers and downplay the kids making music that makes them move," the Children of the Rage artist says in the information section of his new SoundCloud release. "Just because someone is saying a thousand words a minute doesn't mean they're the best. (Scott is gonna be pissed I put this out but i'll make it up to em. Sorry Scott) #OGMACO3 4/23."

On the song, Maco notes his perceived propensity for making turn-up tracks, while giving a Jay Z in "Moment of Clarity"-esque explanation for why he chooses to do so. "I'm well aware of bullshit I be kicking back/But music only sell when it's groovy and lack facts/But music only sell when it's booty and lacks attacks," he raps on the track, before going on to address "sandmen" whose minds are "mentally rusted."

Some time after dropping the track, Maco tweeted-out what could be considered a sort of mission statement for the song, writing, "I make what I want to make. Never been a slave to the hype. I can mumble or bar a bitch up and it's all effortless. That's the point🖕🏾."

You can check out OG Maco's new track and his tweets about it below. His new project, OG Maco 3 is set to drop on April 23.

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