Offset and Cardi B recently solidified their love with an engagement to be married. And if BET or VH1's Mona Scott-Young have anything to do with it, the nuptials will be exchanged on one of the two networks. Offset's proposal hasn't even gotten a chance to dry yet, and both channels are already jockeying for position to land the bad and boujee affair.

The networks let their intentions be known by comment creeping. Recently, one Twitter user expressed his excitement over the pending matrimony. "Offset just got engaged. On God if they don't have a TV special for the wedding and call in 'Never Let Migo' Ima be pissed," he tweeted.

BET slid in with the reply, "#WeGotYou when you ready," adding both Offset and Cardi's Twitter handles. Never to be outdone, Love and Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young chimed in to shoot her shot. "Love ya BET but #WeGotThis," she responded, adding "#AnotherCheckFromMonaScott @VH1 #4Evah."

Offset's proposal at Power 99's 2017 Powerhouse event in Philadelphia set the internet on fire. After watching Gucci Mane's extravagant wedding, which was dubbed The Mane Event and aired live on BET, fans are salivating to see another hip-hop couple tie the knot. The exorbitant nature of Guwop's wedding will be hard to top.

Would you rather see Offset and Cardi B's wedding on BET or VH1?

Peep the networks comment creeping below.

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