Fresh off earning her first ever BET Awards nomination, Cardi B comes through with a video for "Lick," a new track featuring her rumored love interest Offset. The track is from Cardi B's Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2 mixtape, which dropped back in January.

In the new Mazi O-directed visual, Cardi and Offset are plotting a heist at a casino, playing the roles of wealthy socialites as they begin putting their grand robbery into motion. They look every bit the part, too.

The song itself is about making an unexpected come-up, and as a result, looking like you "caught a lick." When you're draped in all the jewelry Cardi and Offset are in her new video, it's pretty easy to look that way. Looking fly is one thing, but in her actual bars, Cardi flexes as if she won't get the chance to any time soon.

"Look at me, look at me/They ain't like me before, now they bookin' me/The glow up got bitches so shook at me/They like, 'Shit, Cardi B what you cookin', B?'/I say, 'Bitches, got me on some new shit'/I swear niggas got me feelin' ruthless/Too much muthafucka's done doubted me/That's why I had to just prove it," she spits on the song.

For most of the vid, Cardi's just posted up with Offset, both of them looking very fly and yes, very rich. Although those clips pop up throughout the video, toward the end of it, we see Cardi donning a stealthy burglar's suit, preparing to hit the massive lick that is a casino. You already know she comes through.

See the dope new video for yourself just below.

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