It's been a couple years since N.O.R.E. and Pharrell Williams have worked together in the studio, but it looks like the hiatus for the rapper-producer pair is finally over. While the two last worked on the Queens rapper's Student of the Game album that dropped in 2013 and have made a slew of hits together in the past, they were pictured back in the studio together over the weekend.

Both Noreaga and Williams performed individual sets at The Roots Picnic festival in Philadelphia on Saturday (June 3), but beforehand, the two hit up the studio to cook up some new sounds. The Drink Champs host even posted about the reunion on Instagram, explaining more in depth what the two were working on.

"Yes b4 the roots picnic me and @pharrell handled some over do Buisness in the studio haha made my favorite record I ever made in 20 years I can't thank this guy Enuff the best producer of all times I saw him make magic for 20 years n he still making shit sound like heaven thx Sk8brd -photo by @drain#unomas," N.O.R.E. wrote in the caption.

While we're not sure if the two are planning on releasing any of the material that they worked on in the near future, we can only hope to get a preview sometime soon. If it's anything like their previous work, we know there could be a potential banger on the way.

Check out N.O.R.E. and Pharrell reunited in the studio together in the Instagram post below.

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