Most songs, records and, to be sure, artists themselves get swallowed whole by the relentless 24-hour news cycle. Other than Kendrick Lamar, all those MCs who might hope to compete for rapper of the year honors--the Futures, the Young Thugs, the Drakes of the world--have had to drop multiple projects just to keep their name on the shortlist. On the other hand, Nitty Scott, MC, figures her work will keep well. Today (Oct. 28) she lets go of the video for "U.F.O. (Unfiltered Offering)," a song that first appeared on The Art of Chill, her May 2014 effort. The clip catches the Orlando artist rapping in front of a series of Technicolor backdrops, and while Florida isn't exactly the outer reaches of the galaxy, Scott continues to make a case for herself as a young rapper to watch.

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