Nipsey Hussle has had a fantastic 2018 and he closes out the year with a gorgeous video for “Victory Lap.”

In the Sergio-directed visual, the “Perfect Timing" rapper is vacationing in the Mayan Ruins located in Tulum, Mexico. At the very beginning, Neighborhood Nip tells the cameraman that he just climbed a pyramid and viewed the entire island from the top. From there, we see shots of Nip chilling in his Los Angeles with his friends, and those shots are interspersed with images from his vacation paradise.

On the song itself, Nipsey paints a picture of his lavish lifestyle. "Listening to music at the Mayan Ruins/True devotion on the bluest ocean, cruisin'/My cultural influence even rival Lucien/I'm integrated vertically, y'all niggas blew it," he raps.

Elsewhere in his new visual, we are treated to both beautiful aerial shots of his Nip's neighborhood as well as picturesque views of the beautiful island he was vacationing at. A quick-edit later, we see Nipsey deliver his poignant line on the street corner.

"I'm an urban legend, South Central in a certain section/Can't express how I curbed detectives/Guess it's... evidence of a divine presence/Blessings, help me out at times I seem reckless," he spits, adding, "Whatever, nigga/We playin' chess, not checkers, nigga/Thirty-eight special for you clever niggas."

In the end, Nipsey is now enjoying the fruits of his labor in 2018. His album, Victory Lap, is one of the best hip-hop projects of 2018. In addition to having a successful album, he also secured collaborative apparel capsules with both Puma and Coogi. In addition to those wins, Nip collected nomination for Best Rap Album for the 2019 Grammy Awards.

In short, Nipsey stays winning.

Watch Nipsey Hussel's picturesque video for "Victory Lap" below.

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