As the end of 2018 approaches, Nipsey Hussle unloads "Perfect Timing," a new song where the rapper spits about his accomplishments. He unleashed the track today (Dec. 19).

"Perfect Timing" is a completed version of a song that leaked last spring, and it serves as a toast to the Victory Lap rapper's triumphant year. In the song produced by SAP and Mike & Keys, Nipsey acknowledges all the accolades he garnered throughout 2018 along with the mistakes he made along the way.

"I know perfect timing feels like I'm too late," Nipsey raps in his opening bars. "And I know I'm still great in spite of my mistakes/You know it's authentic, every rhyme I say/My only regret is I made niggas wait, See, ain't too many like us/ we like vintage Bape/And I don't fuck with busters, I can't integrate."

Despite the drama that unfolded this year, the L.A. native managed to earn critical acclaim for his debut album Victory Lap, and grab his first-ever Grammy nomination for it. Now, after dropping videos like "Double Up", Nipsey is also expanding his knack for business by bidding for the historic Viceroy Santa Monica in Los Angeles.

"We decided we gon' let these digits speak," Nipsey spits. "Then we turn Slauson into Venice Beach/S 600 Maybach, platinum dealer plates/Wake up in this penthouse to the cityscape/You know it's authentic, every shit I say/I knew self destruction ain't the only way, Sometimes perfect timing feels like I'm too late."

Listen to Nipsey Hussle's new song "Perfect Timing" below.

All Money In No Money Out/Atlantic Records
All Money In No Money Out/Atlantic Records

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