Nipsey Hussle revisits his acclaimed Victory Lap album with a new video for "Double Up," a featuring Belly and Dom Kennedy. His baby's mother Lauren London also comes along for the ride.

Stretching 11 minutes total, the Directed by Sergio-directed visual for "Double Up" tells the story of a romance deferred. It begins with Nipsey and London's characters—who are dating one another—finishing up a drug deal that ultimately goes south. From that point, which takes place in 2007, the two split up only to end up unexpectedly reuniting 10 years later.

Nip's reunion with Lauren's character comes after he visits a home he's looking to buy. The seller, who is making the sale because his money is "tied up in investments," immediately re-introduces Nip to his wife Stacy. The man doesn't know of Nipsey's previous romance with Stacy. Needless to say, it's an interesting situation. We'll let you see how it unfolds for yourself.

Getting away from the story arc a bit, Dom Kennedy and Belly pop up at a lavish pool party that Nipsey is also attending. With plenty of sunshine and the company of baddies, it looks as though they're all having a dope time.

See how Nip's whole story plays out by watching the video for "Double Up" below.

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