Before he was indicted on racketeering charges last November, 6ix9ine got a ton of attention for trolling rival rappers left and right. While some folks felt that rappers like Chief Keef and Juice Wrld should've spent more time responding to the rainbow-haired artist, Nipsey Hussle feels that artists and the public at large should have just ignored the Brooklyn rapper, since he was ultimately doomed anyway.

Speaking on Los Angeles' Real 92.3 program Big Boy TV Monday (March 11), Nipsey addressed the saga of 6ix9ine after show host Big Boy recalled the way the public expected rappers to respond to Tekashi's disrespect.

"The public should not even react to clown shit," Nipsey said to Big Boy, who had noted the way Tekashi's targets knew to ignore him. "The public should follow the real niggas, if the real niggas ain't reacting so y'all don't react. Put the dude on goofy time and just let him sit over here doing what he doing till that shit expire, cause it always gonna self-destruct, clearly."

While Nipsey doesn't name names in this segment of the interview, several rappers have been trolled by Tekashi. Last year, Tekashi infamously took Chief Keef's rumored baby's mother on Gucci shopping spree. Several months later, in November, he appeared in bed with his rival Trippie Redd's ex-girlfriend Ayleks.

While a lot of people were amused by 6ix's rapper-directed social media posts, the artist ultimately drew the ire of many in the rap community after he cooperated with federal authorities to inform feds of his associates' crimes. That revelation came after he was indicted on the aforementioned federal racketeering charges.

Hear what Nipsey Hussle has to say about 6ix9ine for yourself below.

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