It's no secret that Nino Brown doesn't think too highly of the Kardashian family. DJ Khaled's former artist released a video for his newest song, aptly titled "Kartrashian Curse" where he spews his beliefs on the Kardashian sisters, women with similar values, and the men who allow them in their lives.

The visual depicts Brown as a teacher, holding a class that teaches men about the pitfalls of dating the Kardashians. Throughout the video, he's fed grapes and holds the company of a woman who looks strikingly similar to Kim Kardashian.

"These hoes been with everybody," Brown sings on the chorus. He repeats it once before shifting to what they'll do. "They'll fuck you if you got some money." Brown's ad-lib of "Kanye" plays immediately after the last bar is finished. In his first verse, he attacks women who have materialistic views. "Borrowed them shoes/Best friend's clothes/But she just posts relationship goals."

He goes on, continuing his rant by bringing up the men that the Kardashian's have dated. "Lamar smoke rocks, Kanye next, Ray J broke, Kim K rich. Reggie Bush ain't scored since that Kim K shit."

Last August, Trick Daddy and Brown traded words after Brown reportedly used his name in a song. Trick posted a video online where he directed a profanity laced tirade at the rapper. "Somebody let that fuck nigga Nino Brown know he can't go nowhere in Dade County," he said. Brown responded in a freestyle that he uploaded to Instagram where he rapped over Tricks' 2004 song "Let's Go."

Check out the video for "Kartrashian Kurse" below.


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