Nino Brown, who was previously the subject of a threatening Trick Daddy video, has gained some viral traction on a video of his own, one in which he paints the women of the Kardashian family as the reason for the downfall of the black men they've dates. "I got everything God blessed me with," he says above as to what he wants for Christmas. "But if I can tell you something I don’t want. I don’t need no unlucky ass bitch, I don’t want no Kardashian...You hoes are culture vultures"

He goes on to name Lamar Odom, French Montana, Kanye West, Tyga and Ray J, as men whose careers and lives took a turn after affiliating with the Kardashians, and warns 21 Savage, who recently expressed an interest in Kylie Jenner, against doing the same. The video, posted Saturday (Dec. 17) has been viewed over five million times.

Those views have apparently resulted in Kim herself seeing the video, Nino posting a text conversation with her in which Kim requests the video be taken down. "Delete that video now," she allegedly writes, "this is very wrong and disrespectful." Nino then requests $5 million and for "y'all to leave black men alone forever." Then there's a text referring to the previously posted text and a proposed defamation suit.

Brown has continued to post comments on his Facebook page, saying, "Y'all talentless and are definitely illuminati sent. Kiss my black ass u whore!" and "These Kardashian bitches are hell sent. They work for the devil. They appear beautiful but they are bad luck."

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