Trick Daddy is none to pleased with Miami artist and one time DJ Khaled affiliate Nino Brown, the above video showing Trick taking cover from the rain, cursing up a storm with threats and warning directed Nino's way. It seems Brown has used Trick's name in a song, before with the rapper's permission and so he's officially on notice.

"Somebody let that fuck nigga Nino Brown know he can’t go nowhere in Dade County. Your bitch ass better move to Georgia or Mississippi somewhere," Trick says in the above clip. "Let me catch you in front of my house doing a video, with all them prop guns." Trick has collaborated with Khaled in the past on songs like "I'm So Hood" and "Out Here Grinding" and says that he called the South Beach power player to verify Nino's credentials. "I called Khaled and asked about it," he says. "Khaled said he been let your fat ass go cause you were trying to take pictures with his money."

Brown responded with a freestyle posted to Instagram and included below in which he raps over Trick's 2004 hit "Let's Go." "Trick fuckin around get stuck in the ground, you don’t know who you fuckin' with," he says, signing off with “We the business,” a slogan that's curiously close to Khaled's own.

Trick Daddy has spazzed at the camera before, and Brown has been on the receiving end of slaps and shots, such as in the videos below in which rapper Bnice swings on him then explains why. "I'm not the first person in these streets that the man has done bad business with," he says.

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