With her new album, The Pinkprint, coming out in two weeks, Nicki has dropped her latest track entitled "All Things Go." Nicki gets extremely personal on the track, speaking on the death of her younger cousin, Nicholas Telemaque, who she lost to "a senseless act of violence" back in 2011 . Plus the fact that she doesn't feel comfortable with "fake industry parties and fake agendas," and the baby she had aborted with her then partner named Aaron, "who would have been 16 any minute." The track is in stark contrast to "Anaconda" and "Only," and is more in line with the heartfelt "Bed of Lies." If her string of already released singles are any indication, Nicki will have a good mix of radio friendly cuts and heartfelt tracks.

Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint drops on Dec. 15. Pre-order the album on iTunes here, where you can receive "All Things Go" as an instant download. Stream the track below.

(via Nah Right)