Yesterday (Oct. 30), the official brand Twitter account for Steve Madden jumped in the middle of Nicki Minaj's conflict with Cardi B by disputing Nicki's claim that she'd rejected a Steve Madden deal that Cardi accepted. After Nicki retweeted a post that essentially proved the brand had planned on giving her a deal, the Twitter account quickly changed course and apologized for contributing to the "negativity" of the situation. Nicki wasn't having it and quickly fired back.

"Eat a dick nigga," Nicki said in her quoted tweet of Madden's statement. "You lied on me cuz it was the trendy thing 2do! Ain’t nobody buyin that clown shit. We couldn’t work together cuz I said the shoes were ugly. You see how when you do clownery it comes back to bite? WE NOT BUYING IT!!!!!! Respond to 50 instead of picking on women."

Nicki's latest clapback came after an ostensive apology from Madden, who criticized himself for jumping into Nicki's feud while praising the Queens rapper for her work. He also gave props to Cardi.

".@NICKIMINAJ is an incredibly talented artist but we couldn’t work together cuz the timing wasn’t right," Madden began. "@iamcardib came on the scene and I had a fantastic collaboration with her, and she is also an amazing talent. I love..."

Madden continued, "[Both] @NICKIMINAJ and @iamcardib music. I hope they can reach some peace — together they could probably take over the world. There is a lot of negativity out there right now, and I shouldn’t have contributed to that. -Steve." The "Steve" part of the tweet is to let you know it's Madden himself tweeting, and not the brand.

A part of the reason Nicki isn't buying Madden's most recent tweets is the fact that Madden admitted that he'd planned to give Nicki a deal in a recently resurfaced 2015 article. In the piece, Madden even says that he wish he could go back in time and give Nicki a Steve Madden deal instead of Iggy Azalea, who infamously criticized Madden for her "disgusting" photo shoot in January 2015. It's clear that Nicki doesn't think Madden is an honest guy, and Iggy hasn't had a good relationship with him, either.

For her part, Iggy Azalea eventually jumped into the messy thread by verifying Nicki Minaj's claims about her proposed deal with Madden. "This is facts," Iggy said in a tweet. She also called Madden a "fuck boy" and reiterated what happened with her deal back in 2015 in a separate, now-deleted tweet.

Iggy might not want any further involvement in this dispute, but apparently 50 Cent does. Yesterday, the Power creator came to Nicki's defense by posting the aforementioned article to his own timeline. "Guess he forgot he spoke on this already. Smh, liar," 50 Cent said in his now deleted Instagram post.

While Nicki Minaj's beef with Steve Madden might not be ending any time soon, her beef with Cardi could be in its closing stages. On Monday night, Nicki used a tweet to call for "positivity," and Cardi B seemingly agreed with that idea by reposting her tweet on Instagram, and asked for the same. Let's hope the smoke clears sooner than later.

Watch Nicki Minaj address Steve Madden in the tweet gallery below. See 50 Cent and Iggy Azalea's reactions to the situation beneath the gallery.

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