Nicki Minaj didn't hold back on her latest Queen Radio show on Monday (Sept. 10). After being joined by Funkmaster Flex for the Beats 1 episode on Apple Music, Nicki let loose a cannon of insults towards Cardi B, stemming from their violent interaction at 2018 New York Fashion Week on Friday (Sept. 7).

Nicki wasted no time clearing her name in the near-altercation on Monday's Queen Radio. During the Fashion Week event, Cardi accused Nicki Minaj of speaking negatively on Cardi's daughter Kulture. During the radio show, Nicki provided a soundbite of Cardi B owning up to talking about other people's children. The Queen artist then called their incident "so mortifying and so humiliating." "I could not believe how humiliated it all felt because we—and I use we loosely, and I'ma clarify we—how we made ourselves look," she began.

"I would never talk about someone's child or parenting," Minaj continued. "It's so crazy to me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy," referring to it all as "clown shit." "You knew that when that footage came out you was about to looking fuckin' dumb."

"I didn't stop no bags. Give me a break. She has built her career off sympathy and payola," Nicki said.

Nicki Minaj went on to call Cardi a "disgusting pig" before calling out the Bronx rapper for allegedly ordering her security to beat up two bartenders a couple weeks ago in retaliation for sleeping with her husband Offset. "A woman cannot give your man pussy if he does not stick his dick in there," she explains. "Who are you mad at, sweetheart?" Then she yells, "You came into my fuckin' culture. I never had to fuck a DJ to play my songs!"

Over the weekend, an old screenshot of Cardi appearing to say some pretty malicious things on Instagram to a woman whose child recently died went viral. On this episode of Queen Radio, Nicki had the woman call in to describe how she felt traumatized by Cardi B at the time.

Although the last few weeks have certainly been hectic for Nicki, she's not letting it stop her from doing good deeds. One day after donating $150,000 to three college students on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicki announced she's giving away an additional $25,000 to actor Geoffrey OwensThe Cosby Show star was photographed at a New Jersey Trader Joes, where he was shamed for working as a cashier after his acting days ended.

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