Nicki Minaj's Barbz have created an entire world called Gag City via colorful art that appears to be made from A.I.-generated images ahead of the release of Pink Friday 2.

Nicki Minaj's Barbz Create an Entire World Called Gag City in Photos

On Wednesday (Dec. 5), fans began creating images of the imagined world Gag City. The photos that began circulating the internet late that evening looked like they were made using artificial intelligence.

Earlier that day, Nicki Minaj teased the imminent release of her forthcoming album, Pink Friday 2. She asked her fans to "prepare for landing" on X, formerly known as Twitter, and announced their near arrival to her fictional utopia called Gag City.

"As we begin to prepare for landing, please make sure your tray tables are put back up & your sear belts are tightly fastened," Nicki wrote on X. "The captain has activated the 'no bathroom' sign. If you look out the window, you'll begin to see the beauty...clear waters, pink dolphins..."

After that, plenty of fans, rappers and brands alike immediately began crafting their additions to Gag City.

Tyga hopped on X to say he was trying to open up Gag City's first strip club. So a fan then made that a reality. BIA also tweeted her support for Gag City after a fan created her likeness in the city. Actress Jackée Harry and singer Tyla also took part in Nicki Minaj's new world.

Sour Patch Kids got in on the fun, too, by unveiling an adorable bright pink version of their candy for Gag City. Chips Ahoy tweeted their support, and Magnum Ice Cream also tweeted that they were enjoying an ice cream cone in Gag City.

Fans also added in multiple other brands including PlayStation, Google and even XXL.

Eagle-eyed Barbz also resurfaced an old MTV tweet from 2013, in which the outlet called Nicki Minaj Minajesty fragrance at the time "gag city."

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Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday 2 Arrives Dec. 8

After multiple delays, Nicki Minaj's highly anticipated new album will drop on Friday (Dec. 8). On Nov. 30, the Barb leader hopped on X to remind her foes that she was returning and issued some vague threats towards anyone who's wronged her.

"December 8th is COMING SOON," she tweeted. "If you on my $h!t list, you will never EVER recover. The. Fkng. End."

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Check out some of the best Gag City tweets below.

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