Just about a week after their Instagram back-and-forth, Nick Cannon has some more words for Mr. Kanye West. In a video recorded on L.A.'s 92.5 radio program Big Boy's Neighborhood earlier today (Sept. 26), Cannon uses a freestyle to address Yeezy.

Spitting over Kanye, Jay-Z and Big Sean's "Clique" beat, Cannon, who used to date Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian-West, reiterates the idea that he won't hold his tongue at Yeezy's behest while also reminding 'Ye that he's not a god. If you recall, Kanye used an Instagram video to tell Nick Cannon to stop speaking on Kim K after the Wild 'N Out creator suggested she could have cheated on Kanye with Drake.

"He my dawg, that's my team/Kanye make the whole world scream/But he tried to control what I had to say/I said, 'No way, Yeezy, not today/ We could talk about Kim K or the KKK/Either way I'ma get up and say what I go to say," he raps before addressing Yeezy's Donald Trump support and shooting down the idea that he's a god. "No MAGA hats/Matter fact, you could fit it to the back/'Cause I'm never reppin' that set, never reppin' that squad/Never reppin' what you say, dawg you really not a God."

Echoing the sentiments of his initial Yeezy response, Cannon ends things by saying he's still cool with the Chicago rapper. "Wait until the sequel, when I let you have it again/But at the end of the day you still my friend," he raps.

While Kanye has yet to respond to anything Cannon has had to say, there's always a chance they patch things up and get on the same page. After all, they have been friends in the past, and Cannon did invite 'Ye to appear on the 200th episode of Wild 'N Out.

Check out Nick Cannon's new freestyle for yourself below.

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