Russ delivers a smooth new track called "Psycho (Pt. 2)." The Atlanta rapper flows for nearly three minutes over the self-produced instrumental.

You can listen to "Psycho (Pt. 2)" above via SoundCloud. Over a wavy, elegant beat, Russ raps about a special someone who has him going a bit crazy. He spits, "I don't know you but I know that you special/Fuck a verse, fuck a hook I'll use the whole instrumental/Just to reiterate the commitment I have to explore/Like you would ride it like a horse like my last name was Lauren/I'm only interested/Baby I'm infatuated/You been held back I'll get you to graduation/Help you with your cast/Steer you clear of tax evasion/Death grip on your ass/I call that assassination/I'm getting carried away/Let's get married today."

In case you missed it, listen to Russ' previous release, a song called "Stunt." The up-and-coming artist flows about how his work ethic has paid off, and now, he has the chance to flex a little bit. He raps on verse one, “I was broke a year ago i worked for this/Dropped 11 albums they all flopped but i learned from it/I dont go to church/But still i hope i reach the masses/Even tho what took you years to make/I pay in monthly taxes."

The 24-year-old rapper spoke with XXL back in April for The Break. He revealed that he doesn't want to be labeled as a conscious rapper. “That’s corny to me. I don’t want to be that," he says. "I feel like that [label] would take away from the true goal of my music, which is to make everyday music, every day. This isn’t Black music, this isn’t White music—it’s just good music.”

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