Kanye West is reportedly being sued over the sample he used on the 2013 track "New Slaves."

Hungarian composer Gabor Presser has filed a suit against the Chicago entertainer claiming West used portions of his song “Gyöngyhajú lány” on the finale track for Yeezus without a proper deal in place, reports TMZ.

Presser admits that West did reach out for permission to use the song, and he gave the rapper the OK. But, Presser was under the impression a formal deal would be presented to him. However, a deal was never finalized. Presser claims West sent him a $10,000 check to push the deal through but he never cashed it.

The composer is now suing West for $2.5 million.

Sampling these days is a slippery slope that requires a composer to have all their ducks in a row before using a piece of another artist's work. Beat makers and rappers get sued on the regular for failing to clear a sample with all channels.

Even super stars like West aren't immune. Yeezy, along with Jay Z and Frank Ocean were hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit in August 2014 for the Watch The Throne track, “Made In America” by Joel McDonald, a New York musician, who claims the trio took the concept of his 2009 track of the same name.

A year prior, West was sued over the sample he used on "Bound 2" off his 2013 Yeezus album. Ricky Spicer,56, former lead singer of the ’70s soul group The Ponderosa Twins Plus 1, brought a suit upon West for suing his vocals on the popular track without consent.

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