Hip-hop fiends and gamers can rejoice now that a Meek Mill-inspired video game has been unveiled. The game, titled Meeky Mill, is the latest attack against the rapper in the aftermath of his beef with Drake and continues to poke fun at the young gun of MMG.

Richie Branson, a video game developer and musician, created Meeky Mill, which is available on Windows and PCs (sorry, app enthusiasts). A price for the game has not been disclosed yet.

The object of Meeky Mill is to accumulate the equivalent of $1 million dollars in coins while avoiding the various obstacles in your path. That might sound simple enough until you add in the various Drake figures adding fuel to the fire by hurling bombs and rocket missiles emblazoned with the letter "L" while riding on a hovercraft, which is the last thing you want to have happen while you're attempting to collect some coin.

Since you do have a few capabilities to evade the capture as Meek Mill, those moves are limited to being able to move forwards and backwards, as well as being able to jump in either direction. The game is over after you reach the $1 million mark, or you catch three "L's" in the midst of your virtual paper chase.

If that isn't enough to entice fans to play Meeky Mill, another feature is the accompanying soundtrack, which includes tracks from Future, Drake and 50 Cent, making the game even more true-to-life.

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