No I.D. is notoriously known for his contributions on some of Common's biggest albums like Finding Forever and Nobody's Smiling, in addition to serving as the primary mentor to Kanye West. It's safe to say that the Def Jam's Executive Vice President has notched himself a reputable career. He was the latest guest of Juan Epstein and spoke on a myriad of topics, one including Kanye West's decision to make 808's and Heartbreak during the making of Jay Z's Blueprint 3

During the interview, No I.D. said while working with Kanye West on Blueprint 3 in Hawaii, one record ultimately ignited Ye's decision to craft his auto-tune filled album.

"The 808 records came out of doing The Blueprint 3 records. Like a matter of fact, when we did "Heartless", he [Kanye] just stopped and said, 'No.' I was like, 'No what?' He was like, 'No way! This is my record!' I was like, 'Come on man. Can we just finish the guy's album man?' He was like, 'Nope. I'm doing an album.'"

In Kanye fashion, this birthed 808's & Heartbreak and ultimately led to Ye carving out his new album, while leaving Jay hanging. This resulted in No I.D. having to tell Jay to come over to Hawaii and finish the album, while Ye was off putting together 808's. Take a listen above as I.D. dropped a handful of gems throughout the interview.

[Juan Epstein]

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