Today, Drake officially drops his highly anticipated third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, in stores nationwide. NWTS leaked onto the Internet last week, allowing fans to get an early listen of the project; however, a few days later, Drizzy hinted at some additional songs that he's itching to drop. Taking to Instagram, the Toronto native posted a fantastic Degrassi meme of himself that read, “Wait...Drake still has more songs to drop??” The most interesting tidbit from this post—other than the fact that Drizzy still has some more heat in the chamber—is that he tags Hit-Boy. The young producer has already gone on record saying that he has been in the studio with Drake, but of what the duo has recorded, not one emerged on NWTS. Which begs the question, what do these two have in store for?

Hit's team, HS87, worked with the OVO general for his NWTS trailer video that premiered September 10, co-producing the backing track to the 30-second clip with Raymond Martin, fellow Hits Since '87 member. XXL caught up with the producer/MC on the phone last week to discuss his work with Drake, his thoughts on Nothing Was The Same and his work with hip-hop duo Audio Push. —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

From your knowledge and experience, how do albums leak?
You have to give up control in order for people to press up your album. You got to send them out to different companies. That’s pretty much how the main leaks happen, getting it in the wrong hands and it just gets out there. I’m sure [artists assume it will happen]; unless you’re going straight digital, it's going to leak. That’s just the day we live in. [Artists] try all types of stuff as far as, like, guarding drives. But the only way you can protect it, is put straight out on the Internet first. That’s the only way you have control now. Just put it out yourself

Have you spoken to Drake about the leak?
I just seen him last night, I partied with him and we had a good time. The album was already out, we just hit the club and had a good time.

What did you work on with him?
We worked on a bunch of ideas, none of those ideas are anything out right now. Just got some song ideas. I met Drake over Myspace in 2006. He used to hit me up for beats and we just got cool. He used to hit me up for production. That was way back then, before Cash Money even thought of him. He’s real hungry, he likes for people to give him real opinions. It's natural, that’s been the homie, he always just comes up with ideas.

Have you heard the whole album yourself?
Yeah, I love it, it's crazy. I like the energy of it. All the music on it is good. I can’t really say what’s the best to me, he just knows how to put bodies of work together. Which is something I appreciate.

You've worked with Jay Z in the past, particularly on Watch The Throne. Do you have a favorite Jay Z memory?
When I first met him, definitely. I was up in New York, around 2011 working on Watch The Throne. I didn’t even know I was about to meet him. It was freezing cold; it was about 20 degrees over there. It was super cold. I remember I had left the studio, and as soon as I left, I got an email from Kanye saying, “come back to the studio.” So I walked back in the freezing cold. And when I walked back in there, he was just sitting on the coach, watching the Lakers game. He just embraced me; from the minute he met me he was just being receptive, asking me where I was from and what I was about and stuff like that. He always was cool with me.