Riots broke out in six Greek cities last night after an anti-fascist Greek rapper was stabbed to death by a man claiming to be a member of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party

Pavlos Fyssas, 34, an anti-fascist Greek rapper, who went by the stage name of Killah P, died on Wednesday morning after he was approached and stabbed twice by a 45-year old man while Fyssas was sitting down at West Athens cafe. The alleged perpetrator was arrested at the scene and claimed to be a member of Greece's controversial Golden Dawn party . Over the last few years, senior members of Golden Dawn party have been known to espouse admiration of Adolf Hitler but deny the categorization of "neo-nazi" in the media.

Clashes broke out on Wednesday evening in six Greek cities between police and thousands of protesters holding anti-fascist demonstrations in memory of Fyssas. During the riots, 75 people were detained as the protest turned violent across the country. Police fired tear gas canisters as the crowd burned trash bins and smashed sidewalks during the protest.

Fyssas or as he's known to fans as Killah P was a rapper whose music stood in opposition to fascism and anti-immigrant racism.He died in a state hospital on Wednesday morning setting off a rash of violent clashes throughout his country.

In recent years, the far-right group Golden Dawn has been enjoying a surge in popularity in Greek polls as they won 7 percent of the vote in Greek general elections in 2012 while recent opinion polls have their public support rising to around twelve percent. Meanwhile as their support rises around the country, Golden Dawn has been blamed in a rash of beatings and violent attacks in Greece.

Nicholas Michaloliakos, the head of Golden Dawn, has denied the involvement of the party and said his party 'unreservedly condemns the murder of the 34-year-old at Keratsini and denies any involvement of the party.'

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