Years back, there was a commercial for toys called Micro Machines, and the announcer talked so fast that you couldn’t catch a single word that he said. Maybe that was his shtick, and he was actually telling everyone the cars were so small that you could choke on them if you accidentally ate one (Who would do that though?). The point of annunciating at such a high speed is to impress spectators as they watch/hear you breeze through your thoughts while still sounding somewhat coherent. That’s a gift, especially in hip-hop.

The most common style of fast-rapping is often called “Chopper,” and it started in the Midwest and slowly made its way worldwide. We’ve had rappers over time spit with swift ferocity, but it’s about maintaining the integrity of lyricism while speed rhyming. Here a few of those artists for your listening pleasure. Some you probably have heard of, while others are really worth checking out.