The phrase “Slept-On” often sounds like a misnomer when you’re dealing with artists on the come up. Of course they’re “Slept-On,” when they haven’t even broken yet. However, hip-hop has a long history of the success of rap crews led by one very specific leader in each camp. The result is other acts tend to get overlooked, waiting for their big day to hit the forefront.

Sometimes the non-leader of the group gets that opportunity—look at Raekwon, 2 Chainz or Earl Sweatshirt—while most chill in the back and become the crew’s secret weapon on songs. Well, the secret’s out now, as XXL picked 15 artists from 15 different crews who we’ve chosen as the most “Slept-On” of the bunch. Hopefully after checking this list, they won’t be “Slept-On” any longer.