In the same week that he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, news is surfacing that Tupac Shakur will be honored with a new statue of himself down in Georgia. There was already a statue of the late rapper at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts, but since the family sold the center in 2015 and took the piece of art with them following the 2007 vandalism incident, Jim Burnett is seeking to replace it.

According to TMZ, Burnett, who owns the amphitheater, has hired artist Nijel Binns to create and design a new statue to replace the old one, which appears to be much more realistic to `Pac's legacy than the previous one. In the preview photo of the art piece in progress, the hip hop icon is shirtless in the 13-inch model, wearing his signature bandana on his head, along with a cross tattoo on his back. The piece is set to be about 7 feet tall, and will cost around half a million dollars to be completed. Right now, those behind the project are hoping to unveil the finished product in September, which will mark the 21st anniversary of the MC's tragic death in 1996.

With the recent induction and the All Eyez On Me biopic on the way, it looks like Tupac is finally getting the ultimate honors that the iconic rapper deserves. Get a full look at the model created for the statue in progress here.

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