Nessly is back with new music. Today (April 11), he drops "Falling Down," a track that features excellent production by TM88 and Rex Kudo. With his signature Auto-Tune melodies, the Atlanta upstart croons about being mesmerized by a special girl.

"I'm in the sky I'm falling down," he sings on the hook.

Nessly has a penchant for making records that stick in your mind for weeks.

The rising Atlanta artist's ability to mesh rapping and singing with Auto-Tune has resulted in some incredible music. Nessly went on tour with Ugly God earlier this year and his track, “Season” featuring Lil Yachty, has over 1 million plays on SoundCloud. He released Solo Boy Band and Still Finessin EP last year.

XXL spoke to Nessly for The Break about the importance of pushing the boundaries of sound in hip-hop.

"Honestly, I just wanna affect sound," he shares. "That’s really what I want to do. Sometimes, even where I lack in lyrics, I always exceed with my sonics. Meaning like, the way I move my voice, the way it’s mixed, the type of production. I’m just looking forward to furthering sound in general. Not even just hip-hop. I do want to be able to challenge people in hip-hop to approach records differently."

Bump "Falling Down" below.

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