Queens' own Nebu Kiniza delivers a brand new project. This one's called From Me 2 U, and it's a 12-track offering with easygoing, melodic flows and smooth instrumentals tailor-made for the vocals of the rising young artist.

The release of From Me 2 U was preceded by the video for "All In," a free-wheeling single that serves as a one-song encapsulation of the rapper's breezy stylings. The video is a similarly free-spirited one that finds Kiniza dancing atop a roof. The rest of From Me 2 U is cut from a similar cloth.

Speaking on the new EP, which was released just yesterday (Aug. 15), Kiniza explained that he had initially set out to craft a project by the name of Forever Happy before he served up From Me 2 U.

"Since the beginning I been in pursuit of happiness," Kiniza explained in an Instagram post he uploaded the day he dropped his new project. "I do this because I love this. Music is my life. The plan was to make ‘Forever Happy’... but life happened and I realized it wasn’t time for me to make that yet. I still have work to do. I’m getting closer. Things are getting better.. and I’m proud to be able to give this to everyone who’s been holding me down all this time."

Check out Kiniza's new project for yourself below. Revisit his Lil Yachty-assisted track, "Wake Up," when you're done.

Nebu Kiniza's From Me 2 U Tracklist

1. "Memories"
2. "All In"
3. "Ready For It"
4. "Top Down"
5. "Pressure"
6. "Don't Like Me"
7. "Little Havana"
8. "One Love"
9. "Heart Away"
10. "Don't"
11. "Phone Call"
12. "Sun Up"

Nebu Kiniza
Nebu Kiniza

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