In a weird moment captured on a police officer's bodycam, YoungBoy Never Broke Again threatened to break a jail phone in a recently surface video.

NBA YoungBoy Threatens to Break Jail Phone in Old Bodycam Footage

On Thursday (Oct. 5), a video surfaced on No Jumper's account on X, formerly known as Twitter, featuring NBA YoungBoy in handcuffs from an arrest in February of 2019. In the clip below, the Baton Rouge, La. rapper is in a holding area, pacing back and forth and talking to police officers. YB then tells one of the officers that he wants to break one of their payphones in the next room.

"I'll break one of your phones first," YB said to one of the officers.

"You're not going get my phone," the officer responded.

"I mean payphone," YB clarified.

The officer tells NBA YoungBoy that his lawyer is coming down to get him out so he won't be in the holding area for long. But the "I Need to Know" rapper tells the officers he wants to break a jail phone so he could, presumably, upset the other inmates in the next room. However, the police officers inform him that the area is not a jail but a booking station where he was going to be processed and then released.

NBA YoungBoy tells the officers that if he breaks the jail phone the other people won't be able to call, to which the officers responded that if he did break a phone then they would put more charges on him. It's unclear why NBA YoungBoy wanted to break a jail phone, but it appears the rapper may have been intoxicated.

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NBA YoungBoy's Arrest for Weed Possession in February of 2019

The bodycam video is from NBA YoungBoy's arrest in Atlanta on Feb. 11, 2019. YB was charged for marijuana possession (less than an ounce), use of fighting words and physical obstruction with another and disorderly conduct.

According to TMZ, YoungBoy was with a woman named Starr Thigpen in a hotel room that was supposed to be unoccupied when housekeeping came to clean it. After seeing the maids, YoungBoy reportedly had Thigpen attack one of them to force the maids out of the room. According to the police report, Thigpen hit the maid in the face during the fight, which happened the hallway. Eventually, the housekeeper got out of the hotel and called 911. When police arrived on the scene, YoungBoy and Thigpen were both arrested.

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Watch YB going off in old bodycam footage below.

Watch NBA YoungBoy Threaten to Break Jail Phone in Old Bodycam Footage

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