16-year-old Baton Rouge rhymer NBA YoungBoy talks about "demons" twice on his new "38 Baby." He seems haunted by them, and the distress leaks out in his delivery. That's why, despite being in the early stages of his career, the kid has something special.

With at least four mixtapes under his belt already, YoungBoy's been working hard to gain recognition, and "38 Baby," with its layered strings and pained chorus, is a step in the right direction for him. Some have compared him to Kodak Black, but there's also a strain of Kevin Gates, drawl aside. The personal weight of his rhymes feel heavy but defiant, and he manages to accomplish what many legendary rappers do: the feeling of somber, tortured victory.

With his 38 Baby mixtape on the way and NBA Live in the more distant future, YoungBoy is about to start catching a lot more ears. Watch his "38 Baby" video above and find out why.

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