One of the most interesting rappers in the West Coast right now is Natia The God. The Inglewood, Calif. native drops the visuals for his latest single “Blood on the Hypeman,” which is a cut off his debut album, 10K Hours. The project is expected to drop in late spring on POW Recordings.

For almost the entire video, Natia raps in the camera without taking a blink. It's terrifying yet oddly alluring. He rattles off witty rhymes and slick bars with veteran-like efficiency. One thing is clear, Natia can rap circles around your favorite rapper.

“I made 'Blood on the Hypeman' off tons of acid, while flabbergasted about today's hip-pop. I understand that everyone can’t be lyrical or freestyle, or whatever Hip Hop used to be,” Natia says in a recent interview. “But these nursery, Dr. Seuss mediocre rhymes and songs that niggas are doing now gets me more than angry. Shout out to Big Pun, Raekwon the Chef, Big L, and Eminem —real mothafuckas who said real shit about real problems that other real mothafuckas could relate to.

He adds, “Everyone seems like a hypeman cause their songs consist of nothing but ad-libs, and that minimizes kids’ imaginations. There’s no art, just muthaf**kas that look the same — identical hypemen. It feels fake and unbelievable, so I’m gonna expose and dispose it. Hence, ‘Blood on the Hypeman.'”

Watch Natia’s video below. If you want to listen to more of his music, peep his fantastic EP, Something 4 Nothing, which he dropped last year.

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