Back in 2005, 50 Cent released a diss song aimed at Game called, "Not Rich, Still Lyin'." In the song, Fif also claimed that he had relations with R&B singer Mya with the lyric, "And I get baddest bitches, man, I even fucked Mya." Since then, the two have gone back and forth in a he-says, she-says war of words and when a member of asked the singer if she would do an interview, Mya vehemently denied due to her problems with Fifty.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Mya was asked once again about the song and her relationship with 50 Cent and insinuated that the rapper apologized to her while in Chris Lighty's office at Violator.

"My father and I sat in a room at Violator when Chris Lighty was managing a particular artist and that artist interrupted that meeting," said Mya. "My father was in the room so we cleared out the air and the confession was made on the other person's part that yes, they lied. But, if that will ever come out from the person's mouth, who knows, who cares, I've addressed it and and you have to pray for certain people."