Out of all the memes featuring rappers found on the internet, the majority of them seem to be humorous or directly poke fun at an individual. Although memes are the beloved guilty pleasures of this generation, especially the ones that aggressively make fun of others, there are some more motivating memes that include hip-hop's favorites.

Many of the memes include famed hip-hop lyrics that have reigned the genre for decades at a time. Others are adorned with popular phrases like DJ Khaled's  "Another One" and "They don't want to see you win but I do." Memes that reference hip-hop's historical points are also being used to inspire.

Reference to Nas not knowing how to start one of the biggest songs of his career, “N.Y. State of Mind,” on his debut album, Illmatic, is a popular one. "Didn't know how to start it, makes one of the best rap songs ever," reads a meme. The majority of them that exist out there are also more straight forward simply stating common everyday rules to live by.

If you're feeling down and need to spice up your IG with some uplifting words of advice, dive into the gallery above.

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