A Morehouse student has remixed Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" into an educational track about biology.

Julien Turner recently uploaded a video to his YouTube page titled "XY Cell Llif3." The video uses the track from Uzi's hit song, but with a twist. The regular chorus goes, "I don't really care if you cry/On the real, you shoulda never lied/Shoulda saw the way she looked me in my eyes/She said: 'Baby, I am not afraid to die'/Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead/Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead."

But Turner slid some game on how cells work in his version. "The DNA starts to unwind/The RNA reads the other side/Meiosis is the key to making life/Mitosis copies cells about to die/If my genes go left unread/All my cells are dead/If my genes go left unread/All my cells are dead," he raps on his interpretation.

He continues to break the science down even further in the verses. According to the video's description, this was an "Extra credit assignment done for non-major biology class."

Julien and hs 15-year-old brother, Justen, both co-own Dreadhead Films, LLC., "a film production company with a mission to create stories that entertain, inspire, and uplift."

Uzi, who recently appeared in XXL's 20th anniversary cover, just released his "The Way Life Goes" remix with Nicki Minaj.

Check out the biology-inspired remix of Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" below.

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