Montana of 300 is back with a new song and music video. With a visual directed by Will Mass Production and A Zae Production, "Dirty Dancin'" finds the Chicago rapper stunting on his haters while rattling off crazy bars.

The gritty record will make hip-hop heads' hearts flutter. Peep it below.

"Ak-47 spit, yo whip doing flips/Lots of bananas in my hammers, I got fruity clips/Wet 'em up and leave 'em soaked, I got too much drip/It can't fit down your bitch throat, I got too much dick/Slide on ice like a sled with 'em/'Bout to ball on these hoes like I cut off my dreads nigga/I will crack like an egg nigga/Bag yo lil' chick, let her ride me like pegs nigga/Fuck with me, end up dead nigga/Put a cap to yo' chest like you sayin' the pledge nigga/Or wake up with this tray in your face with no time to say grace," he raps.

The Midwest MC released his debut album, Fire in the Church, in 2016, and has multiple songs with millions of plays across the internet—“Wifin’ You,” “Land of the Dark” and “Chiraq (Remix),” to name a few. Most recently, he along with his FGE crew dropped No Surrender No Retreat.

XXL spoke to Montana of 300 for The Come Up about his new music and specifically his experience meeting Kanye West.

"He’s a real good dude and actually, he was treating me like I was bigger than him," he said. "He was asking me what my writing process was like and asking me about things that I do when I write or some of the stuff that I come up with. He was speaking very highly of me. You know when you leave someone and they talk about you after you leave, but you’re not there to witness how they talk about you? So many famous people came to the studio while we were there, and I got to hear him talk up on me to James Harden or to Russell Simmons."

Watch "Dirty Dancin'" below.

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