Nashville rapper Mogli The Iceburg is starting to make some noise thanks to his unique brand of hip-hop. The southern spitter describes his sound as ambient and alternative rock fused with industrial cloud rap. That formula helped him land on XXL's radar as we debut his new single "Ghost" featuring OnCue.

"The song just came from a moment dealing with some really raw emotions with a relationship that was falling apart," Mogli told XXL. "Tons of emotions between really loving somebody and being upset and frustrated and defeated and hopeful all at once. If I understood those emotions better, I'd write a book and sell a million copies, but for now the best I can do is grab a synthesizer and twist some knobs until the tone matches what I'm feeling."

Mogli's decision to work with OnCue makes a lot of sense as the latter's career has really taken off in recent years. Mogli told XXL that he immediately thought of OnCue when he completed his parts of the track.

"It was really dope linking with OnCue on the track because he had been somebody that I've followed and low key been influenced by for a while," Mogli said. "We have had some light interaction over the last couple of years through Twitter, and when I produced the song and finished my verse, I thought that he would fit well on it and pitched the idea in an email. After some business details were worked out, he decided to move forward and we were able to make something pretty unique."

If you like what you hear, head over to Mogli's site for more music. You can get a free download of his synesthesia. project, which is the MC's latest release.

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