Mir Fontane is breaking all the rules and flexes on his haters in his new song “Still In The Hood,” a track that was produced by Maaly Raw.

The New Jersey rapper is addressing fake friends and those who doubted them on "Still In The Hood," which finds the 23-year-old MC going hard on his haters and reminding everyone they should've never fronted on him. The hard knocking production is accompanied by some witty flows and boast-worthy bars.

“Ok bet, came in this bitch with the flex/I’m why these niggas upset/Ok bull, young nigga breaking the rules, getting head in the pool I'm cool, oooh ohhh,” Fontane raps. “Heard you ain’t making no moves, heard you ain't paying your dues/Oh goddamn, eyes like I came from Japan/Still in the hood like the clan.”

The young rapper from Camden, N.J. established quite a name for himself and has been dropping mixtapes throughout the last few years. In 2014, he gained a lot of recognition with the release of his He So Crazy mixtape, a 12-track project influenced by the '90s sitcom Martin. In 2016, he dropped his Who's Watching the Kids mixtape and that helped him ink his new record deal with 300 Entertainment. In a recent interview with XXLhe explained what it was like to get signed.

“Getting signed is kind of hard to explain,” he said. “In my mind, I always knew one day it would happen but when it actually did happen, it was hard to generalize what was really happening…. You just got to keep thuggin’ and keep it going.”

Listen to Mir Fontane’s new song below.

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