Mir Fontane, 300 Entertainment's newest signee, is back with new music. The Camden, N.J. native drops "Before the Locs."

Over a soulful sample of Donny Hathaway's "Giving Up," Mir Fontane reflects on his long road to success over the Kev Rodgers-produced beat.

"I had a meeting with my brother to explain things/Beacuse we're about to be rich and I heard money change things/We came from no pot to piss in, just some niggas with vision/To naked pictures from random bitches this shit is different," Mir raps.

The song is a nod to his "Options" verse, where he raps, "I remember Fontane way before he had the locs."

The buzzing MC released his Who's Watching the Kids project last August and joined PnB Rock, Dae Dae, and Shy Glizzy for the Birth of a New Nation Tour. Fontane announced his signed to 300 Entertainment last month and re-released his popular song "Down By the River."

In a recent interview, Mir Fontane spoke about how he started to take rap seriously.

"I don’t know if you would call it making music but around in middle school. We use to roast each other and crack jokes," he said. "The way we did it was it was strictly punchlines, you would have to set it up and say whatever you were going to say as a punchline. That wasn’t really rapping as in hooks and song structure go that didn’t start until I was in high school. I was trying to impress the girls, one girl specifically. That didn’t work out [laughs] but I found out I had a gift for telling stories and saying things in a certain way that could reach a lot of people. That brought me joy and it was fun for me, music is definitely something that changed my life."

Listen to "Before the Locs" above.

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