Mike Will Made-It is back with a brand new banger featuring Big Sean called “On The Come Up,” which will be on his forthcoming album.

The well respected producer from Georgia is one week away from dropping his new album Ransom 2 and the intro catches Sean rapping aggressively. The rapper makes it known on the track that everything he’s doing is all worth it as long as his family and closest friends are straight.

“All my niggas 'bout that action, living the life we imagined/I cut off all my distractions and started attacking,” Big Sean spits. “Whole team gotta have it, loyalty is all I'm asking/Wear a diamond medallion, my whole squad run the atlas/I feel like I was chose to take care of the ones I'm close to, kitchen looking like Whole Foods/Got the fan around like it’s Soul Food/I do this here for the set, working all year 'till we set/Quick to check a bitch, yeah I check her even though I know life’s a game of chess.”

Ransom 2 is set to drop next week on March 24 and it features a ton of dope artists including Young Thug, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Migos, YG, Kendrick Lamar and a few other big names. Just the other week, Mike dropped the video for 21 Savage, YG, and Migos' “Gucci On My.”

Listen to “On The Come Up” below.

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