Mike WiLL Made It is dropping the video to his first single "23" today, which he filmed the day after the VMAs in Brooklyn with Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Miley Cyrus. Following the video shoot, he stopped by The Fader for an interview, where he laid out some of the things he's planning on doing to build his empire out to where he wants it to be.

In speaking about his debut album, Mike at the time was weighing up whether he wanted to release it independently or sign a major label deal and build out partnerships from there, eventually deciding to put pen to paper with Interscope to release the album when it comes out. "I could make a lot of money if I released [the album] independently, but at the same time I feel like I’m gonna make a lot of money regardless," he told the magazine. "If I team up with a label it’s even better, so now I have a budget to pay my people and make sure everyone around me is building. I feel like my empire could be built bigger. If I keep it independent, I could make a million or two million. Or I can sign with this label, and yeah, I’ll have to bust it down with them, but I can also then do different business ventures on different stuff...I wanna do movies, videos, all types of shit."

He also was drawn in on the biggest topic anyone can think of when his name comes up: his association with Miley Cyrus. Mike said that her album, Bangerz, was completed, his first project that he himself had executive produced. "I don’t like to say anything is the best, but this is definitely some of my greatest work," he said, adding, "The shit ended up dope."

But Miley isn't the only one Mike's working with; he's got more records with Future on the way following his work on the Atlanta rapper/singer's Pluto project from last year. "Me and Future, we did 'Dirty Sprite,' 'Ain’t No Way Around It,' 'Turn on the Lights,'" he said. "Every time we record, we’re setting bars. When you have a great song like 'Turn on the Lights,' you gotta go bigger than it. It’s hard. Then Future comes up with a song like 'Land of Fire,' writing it with intentions for somebody else. I was like, man, hold on, keep that, cause you might be able to kill that."

Check out the full interview here.