French Montana is nothing if not a certified hitmaker, and the Bronx rapper lives up to that title with "Hold Up," a dope new song and visual featuring guest spots from Migos and Chris Brown.

"Hold Up" is a melodic and exceedingly boastful track that finds French warbling his way through a hook and verse that are barely distinguishable from one another. In the hook for the track French exclaims, "Tell 'em niggas hol' up, hol' up/Tell 'em niggas hol' up/I ain't rushin' with the work/I'm comin' with the work any time that I want/Wai- wait a minute, Wait a minute/Tell 'em niggas hol' up/Wai- wait a minute/Wait a minute/ Comin' when I want."

Next up is C. Breezy, who half-sings his verse the whole way through, continuing French's melodic flow. Quavo and Offset turn in less melodic verses, but the content remains consistent; constant flexing with no apologies.

The "Hold Up" video itself takes place in three different settings. In the first part, French, C. Breezy and Migos are posted up in a room filled with styrofoam cups and plenty of jewelry. In the second part, everyone appears to be on a tour bus, turning up the same way they were before. In the third, we see the Migos on a packed stage, indicating that this video might have been shot during and after a show. We don't know for sure, but that's pretty cool if that's the case.

Anyway, you can see the "Hold Up" video for yourself below.

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