Just days after announcing the details surrounding their new album IV, BADBADNOTGOOD drops a fresh collaboration "Hyssop Of Love" with Chicago MC Mick Jenkins .

As the drums and keys dance in sonic harmony on the old-school hip-hop inspired beat, Mick steps on the track spreading nothing but love. "I heard your blood was dry/I heard your blood was dry/And I got what you need/ I think I can be your guy/Nah this ain't no weed different type of high," Jenkins rhymes.

Mick has been expanding his fan base with his verse on CGB’s “Test Me” and killing the Kaytranda beat on “The Artful Dodger” recently. "Hyssop Of Love" is the second feature from Mick in a week's time; he also appeared on Chance the Rapper's "Grown Ass Kid," a leak that didn't make the final cut for Coloring Book, with Alex Wiley. The tracks continue to heighten the anticipation of his forthcoming debut album The Healing Component.

"The Healing Component itself is love, brotherly love. Agape," he told Exclaim in 2015. In its purest form what Christ was able to show us, right? And a lot of the world’s problems could be solved with love."

No word on an exact due date for THC yet but Mick revealed via IG that he was done with the album and it should be coming this summer. "Hyssop Of Love" will appear on BBNG's IV, which drops July 9.

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