Throughout his Olympic career, much has been made of Michael Phelps' listening habits and love of hip-hop. A few weeks back, The New York Times reported that the accomplished swimmer has Eminem and Jeezy on his pre-swim playlist, and shortly after, he told People that when he was walking into the swim arena this year, he was listening to some 2003 Eminem and 2008 Lil Wayne.

At Sunday night's (Aug. 28) MTV Video Music Awards however, Phelps revealed the precise song he was listening to while making that highly meme-able face. "One thing that's been constant through my entire career is the motivation and inspiration that I get from hip-hop," he said while introducing Future, one of the evening's performers. "There’s no rapper today more inspiring than Future. His optimism is right there in his name. Remember in Rio when I made that face that ended up all over the Internet? I was in the zone with Future’s track ’Stick Talk’ blaring in my headphones. He’s been on an unbelievable run over the last two years and he’s here tonight to perform that song that started it all. I might have a lot of golds, but this guy’s got all the platinum."

Future would go on to perform "F*ck Up Some Commas." Check out the Phelps introduction above with an Instagram post of the swimmer with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian below. Kanye once referenced Phelps in "The One" which is among many Olympic athlete name-drops, a full list of which is as well below.

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