Michael Millions conjures the greatness of the late Muhammad Ali in the first episode of OverCoast Live Sessions season two. For his performance, the rapper turned in a live rendition of "ALI," a cut he dropped after the global icon's death last summer.

As you probably knew, Ali was a heavyweight champion of the world during his boxing career. But more than that, he used his platform to speak on injustices across the world. That's a big part of why people consider him "great," and it's to that greatness Michael Seven Figures compares his and his people's potential.

“Be the greatest me that I can be, Ali/Be the greatest you that you can be, Ali,” he spits on the chorus over the jazzy live instrumentation. Millions spoke to us about the track last year.

“[Ali’s] passing kind of made me reflect on what his legacy was. Which was really more so standing up for what you believe in,” the Richmond, Va. rapper told XXL at the time. “That’s what made him great. He really used to put that word greatness to the forefront. To see that confidence in a black man of that time was rare. It really was the confidence of a people. So when I’m doing the record, I’m using Ali and a synonym for greatness.”

Millions is currently gearing up to drop some visuals from his forthcoming album, Hard to Be King. Be on the lookout for that, and check out his live rendition of "ALI" below.

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