In 2005, MF DOOM and Danger Mouse paired for an album called The Mouse and The Mask that played with themes from Adult Swim shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was a quietly excellent album featuring Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah and CeeLo Green, and now they're reissuing the album with two unreleased tracks—"Mad Nice" featuring Black Thought and "Spokesman." You can listen to the former below, which also samples Vincent Price's evil laugh.

Thought sets it off correct: "Now ever since I can remember I been living blue collar/Searching for something, trying to make a few dollars/I was never too polished, and never on the fly list/Them shorties used to tell me I needed a new stylist/When birthdays came, instead of selling me a promise/My mom was dead honest, like yo, we ain't got it."

DOOM then kicks a dope second verse full of references to rice bowls, leopard paws and Allah.

The reissue, which you can read about and pre-order on Fat Beats, also comes with a remastered version of Occult Hymn, the rare EP DangerDoom dropped a year after their full-length. It will be released via DOOM's Metal Face Records on May 5. For now, spin "Mad Nice" below.

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