Since his early release from prison in April, music has taken a backseat for Meek Mill, as the rapper now focuses on prison reform. Meek recently used his celebrity status to highlight the injustices facing him and many minorities in the prison system when he appeared on MSNBC's The Beat With Ari on Tuesday (June 12).

Speaking with host Ari Melber, the Wins & Losses rapper once again slammed the conditions of his probation, which can send him back to prison for things such as crossing state lines. "If I drive through the Lincoln Tunnel right now, I can be arrested," the rapper said. "Just driving through a tunnel can send me back to prison for four years."

Meek also revealed his plans going forward to help others in similar situations, including Eric Riddick, a Philadelphia man who claims he's innocent of a 1991 killing. According to Meek, he's trying to get his lawyers to help Riddick, who offered his petition too late under the rules of criminal appeals.

"He has like a messed up case where he basically proved his innocence but due to certain statutory and laws that were created, even if you prove yourself innocent, you can't get out," Meek said about Riddick, adding that he and his lawyers will also be trying to help others as well.

In related Meek Mill news, the rapper's motion to have judge Genece Brinkley removed from his case was denied by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The justices were split on the decision, with three voting in favor and three denying it. Meek will now have to meet with Brinkley for a June 18 hearing, although judge Wecht did say the rapper and his legal team could raise the issue again after the hearing.

Check out Meek Mill's full interview with Ari Melber below.

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