Fresh off dropping the highly anticipated DC4 tape last week, Meek Mill keeps the content coming by releasing the video for "Shine" off the album today (Oct. 31). Directed by Will Ngo and shot in black-and-white, the nearly 7-minute clip shows Meek chillin' in a mansion, boarding a PJ and breaking bread with the Philly friends he starved. There's no questioning the message of the track is about enjoying the spoils of success after years of hard work. The visual ends in color with a snippet of "Blessed Up" for the outro.

"I was born poor, but Ima die rich/Ridin’ in the 7 like I’m 'Pac in '96/Still rockin’ with the clique I had to grind with/Went to war, flip nickels and sold them dimes with/Yeah, I used to sell nicks of reggie, nigga/I get the chills every time that lil' confetti hit us," spits Meek over the gospel-like beat provided by STREETRUNNER and Tarik Azzouz.

Among last Friday's rap releases, DC4 was definitely the talk of the Internet. The Philly spitfire who birthed his style from battle rap days delivered a bunch of one liners and enlisted Nicki Minaj, Torey Lanez, Lil Uzi Vert, French Montana, 21 Savage, Don Q and more for features on the project. And (of course) fans and haters alike were listening closely to see if Meek would throw shade at any of his rivals, particularly Drake. The 14-track tape marks the first project fans have gotten from Meek since his 4/4 EP in January. While fans are feelin' "Froze" featuring Nicki and Uzi and "Offended" featuring Thugger and 21, it looks like "Shine" will be the first designated single. If you haven't listened to DC4 yet, check it out here and watch the visual for "Shine" above.

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